• GS1 DataBar, PDF, MicroPDF and composite code support
  • Outstanding reading capability on 3 mil barcode with more than 2” depth of field
  • More than 16“ reading distance on 100% UPC/EAN symbols
  • Unsurpassed readability on low contrast, soiled, poorly-printed or damaged barcodes
  • Superior motion tolerance for rapid and accurate data-capture on the move
  • High speed scanning rate up to 500 scans per second for snappy barcode capture
  • All-in-one host interface design,including USB HID, USB COM,PS/2 keyboard wedge and RS232
  • Automatically switch between presentation scanning and hand-held scanning whilenworking with Cino SmartStand
  • Optional vibrator for noisy working environment

The FuzzyScan F680 series bar code linear imager from Cino is built on cutting-edge FuzzyScan 2.0 Imaging Technology. It comes as the top performer in its class at affordable price. The combination of compact yet durable form-factor and superior reading performance make it an ideal solution for retail and commercial applications. The Cino F680 will boost your productivity and provide a path to stay ahead of the competition.

Outstanding reading performance

Thanks to FuzzyScan 2.0 Imaging Technology, the F680 series is capable of reading low contrast, damaged, smudged, poorly-printed barcode labels that are commonly found in the real world quickly and accurately.

Increase productivity with SmartStand

To meet the latest application requirement, the F688 supports most popular linear-stacked barcodes, including PDF, MicroPDF, Codablock, GS1 DataBar Linear-stacked and Composite.