• Compact and easy mounting design allowing for flexible integration
  • On-board beeper and LED indicators provide clear user feedback
  • Support RS232, USB COM and USB HID host interfaces
  • Useful test mode helps to identify the optimal mounting position
  • Flexible user-defined serial trigger command supported
  • Support serial command trigger and external trigger
  • OK and NG output signals supported for precise reading control
  • Read most of popular 1D, 2D barcodes and postal codes
  • Aggressive decoding ability on reading low contrast, soiled, poorly-printed or damaged barcodes
  • Digital image capture capability
  • High-density and standard range models are offered to satisfy various data capture needs
  • DataWizard Premium supported for scanned data manipulation and security protection
  • Ideal for embedded barcode scanning applications

The FuzzyScan Area-imaging OEM scan module SM5700 series is designed with system integration in mind. It combines all characteristics of FuzzyScan fixed-mount scanner in a small and compact package. SM5700 uses the latest FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology for outstanding reading performance on most 1D and 2D barcodes. Moreover, thanks to the miniature and ease-of-integration design, the system designers can integrate it into various automated or semi-automated devices easily with little expertise in scanning technology. It provides a superior cost-performance solution for embedded barcode scanning applications. It lowers customer’s development costs and accelerates product time to market.

Compact and Easy-to-Integrate Design

By its compact and easy-mounting design, SM5700 series can be integrated into various space-limited OEM devices. Moreover, it’s equipped with intuitive LED indicators and user-configurable beeper for clear operation status indication. The SM5700 series supports major host interfaces including RS232, USB COM and USB HID. By these value-added features, SM5700 series makes integration efforts minimized and profit maximized.

FuzzyScan 3.0 Outstanding Reading Performance

Powered by FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology, SM5700 series provides superior reading performance on most popular 1D, 2D barcodes and post codes. Besides, it not only features digital image capture capability, but also can read barcodes which are damaged, smudged, poorly-printed, laminated or at low contrast on physical hard-copy paper or LCD screen accurately.

Useful Features and Functionality

The test mode helps system integrator to identify the most optimal mounting position easily and quickly. SM5700 supports five operation modes, allowing for trigger or triggerless operations. Moreover, it can be triggered remotely through the input of serial command or external sensor. The OK/NG signal output function helps more precise reading control.