• Durable construction to withstand multiple drops to concrete from 1.5 meter
  • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR wireless technology with more than 100m communication coverage
  • Plug-and-play cordless migration by working with smart cradle
  • Support multiple connections up to 7 scanners in PICO mode
  • Support both HID and SPP profiles to connect with most Bluetooth-enabled hosts
  • Memory storage up to 20,000 EAN-13 scans for batch scanning
  • Batch scanning function is ideal for inventory application
  • Support out-of-range scanning and auto-reconnection features
  • Outstanding reading capability on 3 mil barcode with more than 3” depth of field
  • Up to 27” reading range on general barcodes
  • Unsurpassed readability on low contrast, smudged, poorly-printed or damaged barcodes
  • GS1 DataBar Linear-stacked, PDF, MicroPDF and composite code are supported

The FuzzyScan F680BT series Cordless Image Scanner is a member of FuzzyScan wireless family. Powered by the combination of cutting-edge FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology and Bluetooth® wireless technology, it not only provides outstanding reading performance, but also delivers the convenience and freedom of mobility. The F680BT series Cordless Image Scanner is the most cost-effective “cable replacement” solution for retail and commercial applications to improve your productivity.

Superior wireless connectivity


F680BT provides several radio link modes to communicate with most host devices. When Bluetooth-enabled host device is not available, it can work with the smart cradle in PAIR mode or PICO mode. This provides an instant plug-and-play cordless migration to your existing non-Bluetooth-enabled IT assets. Moreover, the PICO mode supports multiple connections up to 7 scanners with one smart cradle, reducing your total cost of ownership. Furthermore, you also can use F680BT with Bluetooth-enabled host devices via SPP or HID service in SPP mode or HID mode.

All-around functionality for diverse applications


To suit diverse applications and businesses, F680BT is feature-rich to represent its best value in its class. When enabling Batch Scanning function, F680BT is capable of collecting more than 20,000 EAN-13 barcode data. This makes F680BT ideal for inventory application. The Out-of-range scanning feature allows F680BT to continue scanning data even when it loses radio connection. Once you enable the Presentation Scanning Auto-sense function for hand-free application, the F680BT can be switched to presentation mode from trigger mode automatically when you place it on SmartStand or smart cradle.

Outstanding reading performance


Thanks to FuzzyScan 3.0 Imaging Technology, the F680BT can read 3 mil high density barcode with more than 3” depth of field and 100% UPC/EAN labels with up to 19” reading distance. Besides, it is capable of reading low contrast, damaged, smudged, poorly-printed barcode labels accurately. You can also feel its superior motion tolerance for rapid data-capture on the move.