Powered by FuzyScan 3.0 imaging technology, IP54 ultra-compact yet durable over-molded construction, the CINO FA470 series fixed mount scanner comes with industry-leading scanning performance, functionality and reliability. The FA470 area-imaging fixed mount scanner delivers a future-proof and superior cost-performance solution to help enterprises increasing their efficiency and productivity.

  • Ultra-compact and easy mounting design for flexible integration
  • IP54 durable over-molded construction
  • Useful test mode helps to identify the optimal mounting position easily
  • Flexible user-defined serial trigger command supported
  • Support RS232, USB HID, USB COM host interfaces
  • Support serial command trigger and external trigger
  • Universal model supports OK and NG output signals for precise reading control
  • Read most of popular 1D, 2D barcodes and postal codes
  • Aggressive decoding ability on reading low contrast, soiled, poorly-printed or damaged barcodes
  • Digital image capture capability
  • High-density and standard range model are offered to satisfy various data capture needs
  • Choice of Front-view or side-view version

Durable for harsh environment

Thanks to IP54 over-molded design, FA470 can protect internal components from dust and water ingression. It also can withstand multiple drops to concrete from 1.2 m in any orientation. So the high reliability is guaranteed.

Size does matter

Size of a product plays a very important role in system integration and space-constrained environment. With the ultra compact design of FA470 series, space allocation will not an issue to worry about.

Status at a glance

FA470 series is equipped with multiple and intuitive status LED indicators and loud beeper. The operation status is clear and crystal at a glance.

Practical test mode

Once you determined desired location to install the scanner, the thoughtful test mode helps system integrator to identify the most optimal mounting position easily and quickly.

User-defined serial trigger for easy replacement

If you want to phase out your current expensive fixed-mount scanner and replace them with FA470, the useful user-defined serial trigger function provides you a flexible solution without impacting your existing application programs. You can simulate the other brands’ serial trigger command through the setting of FuzzyScan PowerTool, then activate the scanning by using the simulated serial trigger command.

Useful operation modes

The FA470 provides five operations modes, including trigger, alternative, level, presentation and force modes. Both the presentation and force modes support triggerless operation, you don’t need to use either external trigger or serial trigger to activate the scanning. You can choose the specific operation mode to meet the requirement of your application.

Various interface options

Both RS232 and USB host interfaces are available in different models, including USB model, RS232 model and universal model. The universal model supports both USB and RS232 interfaces, allow system integrators to customize their specific applications.

Multiple triggering methods

In addition to the built-in physical trigger button, the models which support RS232 and USB COM port emulation interfaces can be triggered by sending serial command. Furthermore, the universal model also supports external trigger. The FA470 provides an ideal solution for machine-controlled applications.

Universal model brings added value

The universal model offers more useful functionality. It not only supports RS232, USB HID and USB COM port emulation host interfaces, but also provides external trigger function. Moreover, it provides OK/NG signal output for more precise reading control.

All you can scan

Built with the advanced FuzzyScan 3.0 imaging technology, FA470 series is capable of reading most of major 1D, 2D symbologies and postal codes omnidirectionally. Besides, it also supports digital image capture which may be used for vision-related applications.

Superior reading performance

Base on the exceptional decoding capability, FA470 series is capable of reading low contrast, poorly-printed, or soiled, damaged barcodes. This makes the whole scanning process more efficiently and extra handling cost will be minimized.

Capable of reading barcode on LCD display

Beside hard-copy printed barcode, FA470 series can decode barcodes on LCD display such as notebook, PAD or smart phone. This makes FA470 ideal for various barcode scanning applications.

High density and standard range models are available

FA470 series offers High Density and Standard Range models to fulfill various applications. So, no matter what the resolution of the barcode or the reading range is, the FA470 series can satisfy your different demands.

Two choices of scan orientation

FA470 Series offers front-view and side-view versions for satisfying various scanning and mechanical design requirements. The side-view version is an ideal solution for the environment where space is constrained.